Hampton Manor, New York

Hampton Manor is an unincorporated suburb of Albany, New York located in Rensselaer County. Hampton Manor was first developed in the early 1920s by the Veeder Realty company. Veeder went on to develop several phases of homes in Hampton Manor.

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What's most notable is that over a 15 year period at Hampton Manor, the company built at least 60 houses from Sears including several unique plans, like the Sears Stuyvesant, that have not been seen elsewhere. Hampton Manor is also home to at least two examples of houses from Montgomery Ward. At less than a square mile in size, Hampton Manor has a significant number of kit homes for such a small area. While many of these houses have not been authenticated, a search of mortgage records for homes constructed in Hampton Manor would likely allow many of these homes to be authenticated based on mortgages reported in the Albany newspaper.

SearsHampton1 Muriel AveNo
SearsCrafton8 Muriel AveNo
SearsCrafton10 Muriel AveNo
SearsCrafton12 Muriel AveNo
SearsCrafton14 Muriel AveNo
SearsHamilton23 Hampton AveNo
SearsHampton108 HudsonYes
SearsCrescent115 MadisonNo
SearsCornell12 OntarioNo
SearsKismet122 MohawkNo
SearsVallonia123 HamptonNo
SearsVallonia130 HamptonNo
SearsWalton132 HamptonNo
SearsBarrington15 Bruen CtNo
SearsApartment Bungalow18 OntarioYes
SearsPriscilla18 Southern AveNo
SearsVan Jean2 Hampton AveNo
SearsHampton20 OntarioNo
SearsBerwyn209 HamptonNo
SearsVallonia210 McCullough PlYes
SearsKismet215 GenesseeNo
SearsHampton216 HudsonNo
SearsHathaway217 HudsonNo
SearsWoodland22 GeneseeNo
SearsHamilton220 HudsonNo
WardwayGirard221 Lakeshore DrNo
SearsSolace223 Hampton AveNo
SearsPriscilla225 HudsonNo
SearsClaremont228 Pinehurst AveNo
SearsWinona231 SummitYes
SearsWalton232 MarylandNo
SearsClaremont235 MarylandNo
SearsHamilton234 MarylandNo
SearsHampton235 Pinehurst AveNo
SearsStarlight236 MarylandNo
SearsHampton237 Hampton AveNo
SearsPlymouth237 Summit AveNo
SearsHampton240 Hampton AveNo
SearsVallonia240 HudsonNo
SearsUnknown model240 Spring Ave EYes
SearsVan Dorn241 HudsonNo
SearsClifton241 Pinehurst AveNo
WardwayGirard243 Pinehurst AveNo
SearsStarlight245 TampaNo
SearsFerndale247 HudsonNo
SearsCornell248 HudsonNo
SearsWestly249 Tampa AveNo
SearsWinona250 HudsonYes
SearsHampton253 Hudson AveNo
SearsWinona254 HudsonYes
SearsCrafton259 SummitNo
SearsHampton262 HudsonNo
SearsCornell265 HudsonNo
SearsStuyvesant271 SpringYes
SearsCrafton275 SpringYes
SearsBarrington302 WashingtonNo
SearsWinona307 Hudson AveNo
SearsBellewood4 Muriel AvNo
SearsHampton44 Lakeshore DrNo
SearsClaremont56 SouthernNo
SearsWoodland66 SouthernNo
SearsClaremont7 WesternYes

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