Waterford, Michigan

Waterford, Michigan is home to dozens of kit houses from companies like Aladdin, Sears, Wardway (Montgomery Ward) and Sterling. Check out this article for a short overview of some of the Sears houses that are located in Waterford.

5325 Warringham - Sears Lewiston
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To learn more about some of the houses located in Waterford, check out these links:
This is the current list of kit houses that have been identified in Waterford, Michigan. Where we have been able to authenticate a house, we have noted that. If you have information about any of these houses or any other possible kit houses in Waterford, please let us know!

Company Model Address Authenticated
Sears Hampton 1000 Myrtle Yes
Sears Hamilton 101 Cristy Yes
Sears Rodessa 1037 Boston Yes
Sears Sunlight 1053 Lakeview Yes
Aladdin Lindbergh 1054 LaSalle Yes
Sears Parkridge 1054 Myrtle Yes
Sears Dover 1064 Voorhies Yes
Wardway Priscilla 1067 LaSalle Yes
Sears Vallonia 1074 Myrtle Yes
Sears Berwyn 1089 La Salle Yes
Sears Hampton 1089 Myrtle Yes
Sears Berwyn 1123 Myrtle Yes
Sears Manchester 1129 LaSalle No
Sears Rodessa 1130 Lakeview Yes
Sears Winona 1130 LaSalle No
Sears Winona 1130 Premont Yes
Sears Maplewood 1156 Myrtle Ave No
Sears Gladstone 1431 Airway Dr Yes
Sears Berwyn 132 Hershey Yes
Sears Conway 136 Pioneer Ave Yes
Sears Melrose 151 Starr Yes
Wardway No. 140 181 Coleman No
Sears Custom 190 Riveria Terrace Yes
Sears Sunlight 217 Marion Yes
Sears Berwyn 2321 Trinity Yes
Sears Windsor 2341 Edinburgh Yes
Sears Walton 2354 Silver Lake Rd Yes
Sears Berwyn 2529 Hallman Ave No
Wardway Newport 2555 Hallman Ave No
Wardway Berkley 2590 Hallman Ave No
Wardway Sonora 2595 Sinclair Ave No
Wardway Berkley 2700 Hallman Ave No
Wardway regional 2740 Corey No
Sears Jeanette 2898 Winton No
Sears Rochelle 290 Highgale No
Sears Solace 2939 Winton Yes
Wardway Mount Vernon 3050 Harrison Pl No
Wardway Kenwood 3191 Dixie No
Sears Sunlight 3217 Signet Dr Yes
Sears Solace 3258 Signet Yes
Sears Somers 3304 Van Zandt Yes
Sears Berwyn 3309 Signet Yes
Sears Berwyn 3355 Addie Yes
Wardway regional 3360 Van Zandt No
Sears Berwyn 3360 Watkins Lake No
Wardway Piermont 3385 Frembes Yes
Sears Lewiston 3418 Airport Yes
Sears Claremont 3618 Oakview Yes
Sears Dover 385 Gateway Yes
Wardway Kelton 4190 Foley Yes
Sears Wellington 4320 Waterloo Yes
Sterling Senator 4490 Hatchery Yes
Sears Mitchell 4980 Cooley Lake Rd Yes
Wardway Avalon 5190 Elizabeth Lake No
Sears Lewiston 5325 Warringham Yes
Sears Rodessa 5446 Cruse Yes
Wardway regional 5585 Elizabeth Lake No
Wardway Newport 5600 Rowley Yes
Sears Hamilton 5660 Rowley Yes
Sears Hampton 6041 Van Syckle Yes
Sears Dover 6065 Wilson Yes
Sears Dover 6075 Wilson Yes
Sears Claremont 61 Cristy Yes
Sears Claremont 6151 Adamson Yes
Sears Berwyn 6184 Lanman Yes
Sears Rochelle 6192 Lanman Yes
Sears Crescent 6200 Lanman Yes
Sears Berwyn 6208 Lanman Yes
Sears Rochelle 6216 Lanman Yes
Wardway Maywood 6223 Lindsay No
Wardway Cranford 6251 Lindsay No
Wardway Barcelona 6260 Elizabeth Lake No
Sears Claremont 6341 Williams Lake Rd Yes
Wardway Florence 6348 Cleveland Yes
Sears Kimberly 6360 Cleveland Yes
Wardway Berkley 6367 Cleveland No
Sears Willard 6372 Cleveland Yes
Sears Willard 6384 Cleveland Yes
Sears Rodessa 6391 Rowley Yes
Sears Starlight 6483 Monrovia Dr Yes
Sears Josephine 685 Crescent Lake Yes
Sears Walton 760 Ledyard Yes
Wardway Priscilla 785 Otter Yes
Sears Conway 923 Lakeview Yes
Sears Sunlight 934 Premont Yes
Sears Sunlight 940 Lakeview St Yes
Sears Sunlight 98 Draper Yes
Sears Barrington 996 Lakeview Yes


  1. i'll love to post a picture of my home I live in hatchery rd. waterford michigan and is a beautiful home , not sure but i think is a dover from 1928

    1. Feel free to contact us at the e-mail listed here:


      Also, if you didn't know, we'll be doing a presentation in Waterford in April on kit houses. More information is available here: