Waterford, Michigan

Welcome "Post Impressions" visitors! Waterford, Michigan is home to dozens of kit houses from companies like Aladdin, Sears, Wardway (Montgomery Ward) and Sterling. Check out this article for a short overview of some of the Sears houses that are located in Waterford.

5325 Warringham - Sears Lewiston
To learn more about some of the houses featured on the "Hidden in Plain Sight" pole, check out these links:
101 Cristy - Sears Hamilton
There's also a Facebook page where you can see more examples of kit houses from across the United States.

If you know of any kit houses located in Waterford, let us know in the comments below. Thank you!

Map of identified Catalog and Kit Houses in Waterford, Michigan


  1. i'll love to post a picture of my home I live in hatchery rd. waterford michigan and is a beautiful home , not sure but i think is a dover from 1928

    1. Feel free to contact us at the e-mail listed here:


      Also, if you didn't know, we'll be doing a presentation in Waterford in April on kit houses. More information is available here: