Hyattsville, Maryland

Located directly east of Washington DC, Hyattsville, Maryland is home to 20 identified Sears houses, many of them authenticated from mortgage records. This is the current list of Sears houses that have been identified in Hyattsville. If you have information about any of these houses or any other possible kit houses in Hyattsville, please let us know in the comments.

SearsArgyle4505 EmersonYes
SearsBellewood4113 HamiltonYes
SearsBellewood5416 39th AveYes
SearsConway3926 MadisonYes
SearsDundee4911 42nd PlYes
SearsDundee4913 42nd PlYes
SearsJewel4912 42nd PlYes
SearsJosephine4209 Crittenden StYes
SearsKilbourne4219 NicholsonYes
SearsLakecrest6123 42nd AveYes
SearsPittsburgh4003 Longfellow StYes
SearsUriel4511 BuchananYes
SearsVallonia4212 QueensburyYes
SearsVallonia4621 BurlingtonYes
SearsWexford4902 40th PlNo
SearsWheaton4901 42nd PlYes
SearsWhitehall6119 42nd AveYes
SearsWilmore5803 40th AveYes
SearsWilmore4907 42nd AveNo
SearsWindsor3928 MadisonYes

Updated on December 4, 2018 to add 2 new authenticated houses
Updated on June 20, 2020 to correct a model name ("Wilmore" to "Jewel")


  1. Yes! I’m in the Conway at 3926 Madison. Haven’t seen any other Conways in Hyattsville, and was wondering if there are others around. Thank you!

  2. Hi! There's a "Uriel" - the predecessor to the "Conway" - at 4511 Buchanan in Hyattsville. Takoma Park has quite a few of both models which you can read about here: