Saturday, October 28, 2017

Thank you Howell!

This past week, Wendy and I presented on "Michigan Kit Homes" at the Howell Carnegie District Library. Even though it was a cold and wet evening outside, we had a good size crowd in attendance including a couple of people who had kit house connections to share with us. We'll be following up on those leads to see if we can turn them into kit house finds! One of the interesting aspects of the kit houses located in Howell is that Howell is home to at least 3 "generations" of Aladdin kit houses - an early Aladdin "Venus", a 1930s-era Aladdin "Lindbergh/Madison" and a 1950s-era Aladdin "Coronado". The first and last house were shared with us by fellow kit house researcher Dale Wolicki, who documented many of the kit houses located in Howell in the early 2000s. Thanks Dale!

Judith Chabot Interview

Judith Chabot, one of the members of our research group on Facebook, was recently interviewed by the Saint Louis Business Journal about her interest in kit houses and why and how she got started researching them. In addition to the print version, the Business Journal did a short video interview with Judith that you can watch below. Judith did want us to note one small correction - Bea Lask did her research in and around Cincinnati in the 1980s, not the 1970s as was stated in the video.