Ossining, New York

This is the current list of kit houses that have been identified in the Village of Ossining, New York (there are also several kit houses located outside the Village in the Town of Ossining). Where I have been able to authenticate a house, it has been noted. If you have information about any of these houses or any other possible kit houses in Ossining, please let me know in the comments! 

Read more about the differences between this list and the list from the Village of Ossining. 

SearsAlhambra41 Belleview AveNo
SearsAlhambra108 Croton AveYes
SearsAmericus51 Belleview AveNo
SearsAmericus52 Ferris PlYes (Testimonial)
SearsArlington11 Todd PlNo
SearsBerwyn53 Ferris PlYes
SearsConway32 Acker AveNo
SearsConway37 Calam AveNo
SearsConway18 Forest AveYes
SearsConway7 Ward PlYes
SearsCornell34 Acker AveYes
SearsCustom4 Piping Rock DrYes
SearsFullerton30 Acker AveYes
SearsFullerton38 Acker AveYes
SearsFullerton51 Ferris PlYes
SearsFullerton16 Nelson AveYes
SearsFullerton27 Somerstown RdNo
SearsGarfield34 Campwoods AveYes
SearsGarfield15 Croton StYes
SearsGarfield9 Ferris PlYes
SearsGarfield17 Liberty StYes
SearsGarfield17 Nelson AveNo
SearsGarfield4 Park AveYes
SearsGarfield30 Ward PlYes
SearsGladstone9 Calam AveNo
SearsGladstone8 Charles PlYes
SearsGladstone186 N Highland AveYes
99 Narragansett AveYes
SearsHampton52 Belleview AveYes
SearsHomewood48 Elizabeth StYes
SearsLa Salle39 Calam AveYes
SearsLa Salle50 Elizabeth StYes
SearsLangston11 Belle AveNo
SearsLangston180 Albany Post RdYes
SearsLaurel26 Yates AveYes
SearsMaytown8 Belle AveNo
SearsNo. 10911 Agate AveYes (Testimonial)
SearsNo. 10923 Belle AveNo
SearsNo. 10946 Elizabeth StNo
SearsNo. 11133 Sherwood AveYes (Testimonial)
SearsNo. 12317 Campwoods RdYes (Testimonial)
SearsNo. 12710 Linden AveNo
SearsNo. 1492 Lafayette AveNo
SearsPlymouth14 Pershing AveYes
SearsPriscilla73 Prospect AveNo
SearsRochelle12 Grand View AveNo
SearsSomerset55 Ferris PlYes
SearsStarlight16 Agate AveYes
SearsStarlight62 Dale AveNo
SearsStarlight8 Forest AveYes
SearsSunlight6 Fairview PlYes
SearsUriel12 Prospect AveYes
SearsVallonia10 Forest AveYes
SearsVan Dorn59 Upper Croton AveYes
SearsVan Jean16 Calam AveNo
SearsVerona15 Stone AveNo
SearsWheaton29 Somerstown RdYes
SearsWindsor28 Hudson StYes
SearsWinona11 Cedar LnNo
WardwayFlorence54 Revolutionary RdYes
WardwayMount Vernon20 Belleview AveYes

12/23/2021: Updated to add an additional house
10/9/2023: Updated to verify authentication of a house
10/12/2023: Updated to add an additional house
10/13/2023: Updated to add an additional house and remove a house

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