Takoma Park, Maryland

Seal of the City of Takoma Park
Takoma Park, Maryland is located northeast of Washington DC, sharing a common border with the nation's capital. Like many of the suburbs of Washington DC, Takoma Park experienced a wave of development in the early 20th century when a number of kit houses were built in the city. A number of the kit houses in Tacoma Park have previously been documented. However, I was unable to locate a comprehensive list of identified houses, which is why I created this list. While the largest number of identified homes are from Sears Roebuck, authenticated examples of homes from Aladdin Homes and Lewis Homes, both of Bay City, Michigan, have also been identified in Takoma Park. I believe there are likely more homes still to be identified beyond those on this list. 

Sears Crescent - 7411 Baltimore Ave
Quite a bit of research on the kit houses in Takoma Park has been done by ourselves and others. Some of those resources are highlighted in the following list of articles.

This is the current list of kit houses - as of January 2021 - that have been identified in Takoma Park, Maryland. Where we or other researchers have been able to authenticate a house, we have noted that. If you have information about any of these houses or any other possible kit houses in Takoma Park, please let us know!
Company Model Address Authenticated
Aladdin Pasadena 38 Hickory Ave No
Aladdin Warren 7129 Sycamore St Yes
Aladdin Colonial (Custom) 7611 Takoma Ave Yes
Lewis Asherton 8 Crescent Pl Yes
Lewis Vallejo 101 Park Ave No
Lewis El Paso 242 Park Ave Yes
Lewis Regal 5 Philadelphia Ave No
Lewis Alameda 7217 Maple Ave No
Lewis Ardmore 7410 Piney Branch Rd No
Lewis San Fernando 8301 Flower Ave Yes
Sears Americus 704 Philadelphia Ave No
Sears Americus 7408 Baltimore Ave No
Sears Argyle 7305 Holly Ave No
Sears Barrington 12 Jefferson Ave Yes
Sears Berwyn 6611 Poplar Ave Yes
Sears Berwyn 6615 Poplar Ave Yes
Sears Berwyn 7901 Holstein St Yes
Sears Carlin 6741 Eastern Ave Yes
Sears Claremont 800 Jackson Ave Yes
Sears Columbine 7719 Carroll Ave Yes
Sears Conway 7017 Woodland Ave Yes
Sears Conway 7103 Poplar Ave No
Sears Conway 720 Boundary Ave Yes
Sears Conway 8640 Flower Ave Yes
Sears Conway 904 Davis Ave Yes
Sears Conway 7909 Greenwood Ave Yes
Sears Crafton 307 Circle Ave Yes
Sears Crafton 7721 Carroll Ave Yes
Sears Crescent 6902 Sycamore Ave Yes
Sears Crescent 7411 Baltimore Ave Yes
Sears Crestwood 909 Prospect St Yes
Sears Dundee 6800 Alleghany Ave Yes
Sears Dundee 720 Maplewood Ave Yes
Sears Elsmore 7332 Piney Branch Rd Yes
Sears Fairy 116 Sherman Ave Yes
Sears Fairy 6611 Alleghany Ave Yes
Sears Fairy 8608 Greenwood Ave Yes
Sears Gladstone 203 Manor Cir Yes
Sears Gladstone 216 Philadelphia Ave Yes
Sears Gladstone 305 Philadelphia Ave Yes
Sears Gladstone 7420 Maple Yes
Sears Hathaway 208 Hodges Ln Yes
Sears Haven 7325 Takoma Ave Yes
Sears Jeanette 7900 Holstein St Yes
Sears Jeanette 7903 Holstein St Yes
Sears Kimberly 7016 Poplar Ave Yes
Sears La Salle 802 Jackson Ave Yes
Sears Lexington 7108 Cedar Ave Yes
Sears Maplewood 308 Lincoln Ave Yes
Sears Maplewood 7903 Greenwood Ave Yes
Sears Marina (2024) 7011 Woodland Ave Yes
Sears Marina (2024) 7013 Woodland Ave Yes
Sears Oakdale 62 Walnut Ave Yes
Sears Oakdale 7901 Garland Ave Yes
Sears Parkside 7710 Garland Ave Yes
Sears Puritan 241 Park Ave Yes
Sears Puritan 7329 Piney Branch Rd Yes
Sears Rochelle 6607 Poplar Ave Yes
Sears Rochelle 6617 Poplar Ave Yes
Sears Stanford 208 Philadelphia Ave Yes
Sears Starlight 6609 Poplar Ave Yes Demolished
Sears Starlight 7418 Cedar Ave Yes
Sears Starlight 8012 Flower Ave Yes
Sears Sunlight 315 Center Av Yes
Sears Uriel 19 Lee Ave Yes
Sears Uriel 34 Philadelphia Ave Yes
Sears Uriel 427 Ethan Allen Ave Yes
Sears Uriel 7010 Westmoreland Ave Yes
Sears Uriel 704 Sligo Parkway Yes
Sears Uriel 7103 Poplar Ave No
Sears Uriel 7416 Cedar Ave Yes
Sears Uriel 7420 Cedar Ave Yes
Sears Uriel 7421 Cedar Ave Yes
Sears Uriel 7714 Garland Ave Yes
Sears Vallonia 503 New York Ave Yes
Sears Vallonia 6711 Alleghany Ave Yes
Sears Vallonia 6753 Eastern Ave Yes
Sears Walton 7419 Piney Branch Rd Yes
Sears Westly 7407 Baltimore Ave Yes
Sears Wilmore 204 Philadelphia Ave No
Sears Windsor 6757 Eastern Ave Yes
Sears Windsor 8013 Takoma Ave Yes
Sears Winona 7907 Greenwood Ave Yes


  1. Takoma park is NW of DC. And it is not only filled with Kit homes, but also grand Victorians all over the place.

    1. Takoma Park has a lot of beautiful old homes. I think of places like Chevy Chase as being on the northwest side of Washington DC. I'm not sure how the locals classify their locations.