Covington, Kentucky

This is the current list of kit houses as of October 2023 that have been identified in Covington, Kentucky. Where we have been able to authenticate a house, we have noted that. If you have information about any of these houses or any other possible kit houses in Covington, please let us know!

Read more in this introduction about the Sears houses in Covington, Kentucky.

Harris BrothersNo. 62203 W 34th StNo
SearsArgyle23 E 42nd StNo
SearsArgyle307 E 45th StNo
SearsArgyle3135 Rosina AveNo
SearsArgyle3138 Rosina AveNo
SearsArgyle4502 Decoursey AveNo
SearsArgyle4508 Decoursey AveNo
SearsBarrington405 Western AveNo
SearsBetsy Ross416 E 45th StNo
SearsConway911 Worth StNo
SearsCornell1314 Highway AveNo
SearsCrescent2985 Madison AveNo
SearsEdgemere613 Western AveNo
SearsElsmore2734 Iowa AveNo
SearsGladstone303 View PlNo
SearsHamilton4346 McKee StNo
SearsHathaway1626 Lawn StNo
SearsHaven1607 Euclid AveNo
SearsJosephine625 W 19th StNo
SearsLangston1214 Clark StNo
SearsLangston1307 Highway AveNo
SearsLangston2233 Busse StNo
SearsLangston3904 Tracy AveNo
SearsLaurel25 E 42nd StNo
SearsMarina4103 Decoursey AveNo
SearsMarina4105 Decoursey AveNo
SearsMarina4107 Decoursey AveNo
SearsMarina1226 Parkway AveNo
SearsNorwood400 Earle AveNo
SearsNorwood405 Baltimore AveNo
SearsNorwood408 Earle AveNo
SearsNorwood408 W Southern AveNo
SearsNorwood502 Earle AveNo
SearsNorwood504 Earle AveNo
SearsNorwood506 Earle AveNo
SearsNorwood508 Earle AveNo
SearsNorwood598 E 38th StNo
SearsNorwood600 E 38th StNo
SearsNorwood628 Western AveNo
SearsNorwood2727 Rogers StNo
SearsNorwood3308 Watson AveNo
SearsNorwood3324 Watson AveNo
SearsNorwood3326 Watson AveNo
SearsNorwood3812 Glenn AveNo
SearsNorwood3814 Glenn AveNo
SearsOsborn17 W 30th StNo
SearsRidgeland105 E 30th StYes
SearsRoanoke3807 Leslie AveNo
SearsRodessa428 Altamont RdNo
SearsRodessa1331 Highway AveNo
SearsRodessa3125 Beech AveNo
SearsSomers621 W 19th StNo
SearsSomerset/No. 2291321 Highway AveNo
SearsSomerset/No. 229309 E 45th StNo
SearsSomerset/No. 2294504 Decoursey AveNo
SearsSomerset/No. 2294506 Decoursey AveNo
SearsSomerset/No. 2294510 Decoursey AveNo
SearsStarlight122 E 41st StNo
SearsStarlight4601 Victory AveNo
SearsUriel1250 Highway AveNo
SearsVallonia511 Western AveNo
SearsVallonia522 Highland PikeNo
SearsWestly2313 Center StNo
SearsWhitehall4340 Vermont AveNo
SearsWillard3100 Beech AveNo
SearsWindsor411 E 46th StNo
SearsWinthrop3098 Beech AveNo
SearsWoodland2319 Center StNo

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  1. We owned and lived in the Sears home called the Haven at 1607 Euclid in Covington. This was from 1986 to around 1999.