Thursday, December 12, 2019

Covington, Kentucky - An Introduction

Sears Langston
Covington, Kentucky
Covington, Kentucky is located on the south bank of the Ohio River, opposite the treasure trove of Sears houses that can be found in Cincinnati, Ohio. Once we discovered how many Sears houses were located in Cincinnati, it was only logical to assume that Covington would be home to a fair share of Sears houses too. Over the years, we had read stories that made reference to a large number of Sears houses in Covington. There were even rumors of a survey of Sears houses in Covington. But none of my fellow researchers had any luck putting their hands on said survey. From time to time, houses would pop up in real estate ads and searches of digitized newspapers, and we would add another Sears house in Covington to the list. But no one had pulled together a publicly available comprehensive list of Sears houses in Covington to see what all was out there - until now. Let's take a look!

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Where are the Sears Houses - December 2019 Edition

Sears Claremont
New Providence, New Jersey
The cold days of winter can be prime days for Sears house hunting. While the snow and ice may keep kit house researchers off the roads, it's the perfect time for us to go online and find homes from Sears Roebuck through real estate listings, newspaper articles, public records and other digital resources. Recently, one of the members of our research group put out the challenge to reach the 12,000 homes mark by the end of 2019. The group stepped up to the challenge and hit 12,000 with weeks to go before the end of the year.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Sears Homes for Sale

Sears Dover - Anderson, Indiana
Photo Courtesy of Zillow
Searching real estate listing is one of my primary ways of finding new examples of homes from Sears Roebuck. Too often, I find houses listed as being from "Sears" when they are either homes from another kit house company or more often simply not a kit house at all. To make things worse, these same houses often appear in real estate and newspaper "features" as examples of Sears houses. On the flip side, I often see actual houses from Sears Roebuck listed for sale with nary a mention of their heritage. In my effort to help educate people about Sears houses, I've created a new Facebook page called "Sears Homes for Sale" where I'm posting real estate listings of Sears houses for sale (and houses from other catalog and kit house companies as I come across them). If you're interested in following along, hop on over to Facebook and give the page a like!

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Where are the Sears Houses - June 2019 Edition

Sears #229 - 2729 Weaverton St
Rochester Hills, Michigan
It's been a while since the last update to "Where are the Sears Houses?", six months to be exact, but we've finally reached the 11,500 mark for houses on national database of Sears Roebuck homes! After a few slow months, the pace of finding houses has started to pick up and earlier this week, we blew right past 11,500 houses. Many of the recent additions were discoveries from a research trip to Cleveland taken by a group of kit house researchers including myself. Many of the new finds are also authenticated with Sears mortgages. It's always exciting to be able to authenticate finds old and new with mortgages!

Friday, January 18, 2019

Where are the Sears Houses - January 2019 Edition

Sears Cedars  - 175 Wetmore Road
Columbus, Ohio
That was fast! It feels like I just wrote up the last update to "Where are the Sears Houses?" and we're already at the 11,000 house mark! Actually, it was three months ago that I shared the last update and since then, another 500 homes have been added to the national database of Sears Roebuck homes. Our crew of kit house researchers didn't hunker down for the winter. Instead, they've been busy finding houses! Here is the breakdown of the location of houses by state based on approximately 11,000 homes in the database. Let's take a look!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Return to Yonkers, New York

42 Seminary Ave - Yonkers, New York
Sears Americus
Back in 2016, I spent quite a bit of time doing research into Sears mortgages for houses built in Yonkers, New York. I covered that research in several posts that I wrote detailing the number of mortgages, the number of houses located and a breakdown by model. Recently, I took some time to return to those mortgages in Yonkers that I had not yet pinned down to a location. Using some new resources, some tried-and-true favorites, and a couple of years of additional experience finding and identifying kit houses, I was able to locate quite a few more Sears houses in Yonkers, pushing the total number of identified Sears houses to over 100! Among the new finds are homes from some of the other kit house manufacturers including Aladdin, Lewis and Montgomery Ward (Wardway). Let's take a look at the updated numbers!