Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Where are the Sears Houses - June 2018 Edition

41 Palmer St - Stamford, CT
Sears Hathaway
Image courtesy of Zillow
It has been about three months since the last update of "Where are the Sears Houses?"  In that time, the national database of Sears houses eclipsed the 10,000 house mark, which means it's time for another update of "Where are the Sears Houses?" Here is the breakdown of location of houses by state based on approximately 10,000 homes in the database. Let's take a look!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

10,000 Sears Houses!

Our virtual group of kit house researchers was popping virtual champagne bottles this week when it was announced that that 10,000th Sears house (a Sears Conway) had been added to the national database of Sears homes. As excited as we were about reaching this milestone, I have to admit that I'm still in a bit of shock at passing it. When I first mentioned the national database of homes two and a half years ago after the addition of the 3,000th house, I couldn't have imagined that we would reach the 10,000th home so quickly - or at all! It had taken 3 years to reach 3,000 homes. A big chunk of that total was thanks to the list of homes that Bea Lask had compiled in and around Cincinnati, Ohio. At the rate that we were adding homes at that time, if you had asked me, I probably would have guessed that it would take another 7 years to reach 10,000, and that assumes that we would even be able to find that many houses.