Thursday, August 25, 2022

The Sears Houses of Markbreit Avenue

Recently, I was able to help one of my fellow kit house researchers, Cindy Catanzaro, who runs the "Sears Houses in Ohio" site, discover and identify some very early examples of Sears "Modern Homes" in Cincinnati, Ohio. Cindy did a nice write-up about what we found and how we found them. It's yet another example of how the "Great Sears Paper Trail" can lead us to Sears houses. In this case, the paper trail wasn't from mortgages or deeds, as I've written about in the past. This time, Cindy was able to use newspaper posts that referenced Sears Roebuck as the architect on the house plans for the houses we located. Cindy and I were then able to match up the houses to examples from the early years of the "Modern Homes" catalog. But go read the post "On the south side of Markbreit Ave. (Cincinnati)" for the rest of the story!

Sears Houses on Markbreit Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio
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