Monday, November 2, 2015

Thank you Kalamazoo!

Sears Crescent - Kalamazoo, Michigan
We wanted to send our thanks to everyone who attended this evening's presentation at the Kalamazoo Public Library. A special thanks goes to the ever gracious Beth Timmerman, ‎Local History Specialist at the Library, for having us over to present. We especially enjoyed having kit house owners in attendance and we now have a few more addresses to add to our list for Kalamazoo. We heard a lot of good questions and we appreciated everyone sticking around to the end! If you have more questions or leads on kit houses, please drop us a line!

Andrew and Wendy 

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  1. Thanks for posting, this was my first home! Purchased lived there from aproxamately 1992 to 2000. It's a great house.