Thursday, December 17, 2015

Washington DC - "A kit house from 1922 is preserved in the past"

Catalog image of Sears Walton (1921)
Image courtesy of Sears Archives
The Washington Post is currently featuring an article on kit houses in the Washington DC area titled "A kit house from 1922 is preserved in the past". One of the homes featured in the article is the Sears Walton. Washington DC area kit house researcher Catarina Bannier, who I worked with to authenticate kit houses in Washington DC, is quoted extensively in the article. Our work to authenticate Sears houses got a mention in the article where it highlighted the number and location of authenticated houses in Washington DC proper. The numbers came from the mortgages that Catarina and I reviewed and the locations came from a map that Wendy made of all of the authenticated houses we've found.

It's nice to see all the time that we put into that work being put to good use so quickly! We hope the article makes more people aware of the kit houses that still stand in Washington DC and perhaps encourages more owners to come forward with stories about their homes!

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