Monday, January 11, 2016

Sears Elmhursts of Westchester County, New York

The past week, I've been blogging about the Sears Elmhurst model. In previous posts, I highlighted a few Elmhursts I was able locate and identify through mortgage records. Keeping with the theme of the week, I have a couple more Sears Elmhursts to share! Both houses have also been authenticated with mortgage records!

These Sears Elmhursts are located in Westchester County, New York. Located directly north of New York City and bordering western Connecticut, Westchester County saw its population boom during the time period when Sears kit house sales were at their peak. With all the new suburban homes built during that time period, it's no surprise that a quite a few Sears houses have been found in Westchester County. I don't know if these particular Elmhursts were model houses like the Elmhurst in Cincinnati. But with some more research, I hope to find out! I'm planning on doing a separate blog on each house but here's a quick preview so you can see what I found.

134 Park Dr - Eastchester, NY
Sears Elmhurst
Image courtesy of Google Maps

116 Reed - Pelham, NY
Sears Elmhurst
Image courtesy of Google Maps

Update - I've found another Elmhurst in Hastings-on-Hudson.


  1. My thoughts exactly, Judith!:-)

  2. It just goes to show that Sears models once thought of as rare actually aren't. The Sears houses are out there waiting to be found... but google driving is the least efficient way to go about it.


    1. Especially a model that was offered for multiple years.