Monday, February 15, 2016

Lewis Homes of Syracuse, New York

Cover of Lewis catalog (1922)
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I belong to a group of kit house researchers that work together to locate and document kit houses across the country. Several of us blog about our discoveries including Judith Chabot at "Sears House Seeker". In addition to tracking down kit homes from Sears, Judith has a knack for finding houses from other kit house companies. In her latest post, Judith shares a number of homes from the Lewis Manufacturing Company of Bay City, Michigan. Lewis was one of three major kit house companies based in Bay City. Over the years, Lewis sold tens of thousands of homes under the "Lewis Homes" name. Judith's research reveals that some of the largest homes offered by Lewis were built in Syracuse, New York. Judith worked with primary source material to locate and authenticate these houses. Check out Judith's work and all those great Lewis houses!