Friday, March 11, 2016

Update on Sears Mortgages of Washington DC

A few months ago, I shared the results of the research I had done of Sears mortgages for houses in Washington DC. Recently, I've been able to add more houses to the list thanks to the discovery of another name for a trustee whose name appeared on Sears mortgages. These mortgages cover the time period from summer 1932 through late fall 1933. Sears stopped financing homes either in late 1933 or early 1934 so I believe that these are likely the last group of Sears mortgages yet to be discovered for Washington DC.

From this latest group of mortgages, I've been able to identify seven homes representing seven different models, four of which are new to the list of models found in Washington DC. This brings the number of identified Sears houses with mortgages in Washington DC to 230. These 230 houses represent 77 different models.
1717 34st St NW - Washington DC - Sears Worchester Photo courtesy of Catarina Bannier
The four new models are:
In addition to the models listed, there may be additional models or a possible Sears custom house in the houses that haven't been identified yet. Hopefully, additional research will reveal more information about these houses. I've also updated the original post to reflect these new discoveries. 

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