Monday, April 11, 2016


5316 Gallatin - Hyattsville, MD - Sears Hathaway
Image courtesy of MRIS
Back in February, I shared how the national database of Sears houses had passed the 3,000 house mark. Just 2 months later, I'm pleased to report that thanks to the over 100 Sears houses in Prince George's County, Maryland that I added today, the list has cleared the 4,000 house mark! Among the 4,000 entries are over 1,500 authenticated Sears houses, most -  like the Sears Hathaway to the right - have been confirmed through mortgage and deed records. Although these 4,000 houses only represent approximately 5% of the estimated 70,000 homes sold by Sears through their Modern Homes Division, it's still the most comprehensive known list of likely and authenticated Sears homes. As I said before, it's only going to get bigger and better over time! If you know of any Sears houses in your town, let us know with a comment.