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Sears Houses of Massapequa Park, New York - Glengariff Road

Catalog image of Sears Stratford
Image courtesy of Antique Home 
The last street in southern Massapequa Park where we've found Sears kit houses is Glengariff Road, one street south of Tyrconnell Avenue. These houses were part of the same order of 10 Sears houses that was placed in late 1930 as part of the development of Section "H" of Massapequa Park. There are just two Sears houses on Glengariff - a Sears Strathmore and next door, a Sears Stratford. As we've found on Tyrconnell Avenue, the Strathmore appears to be a substitution for the Sears Hillsboro, which had been listed among the models to be built in this area.

140 Glengariff - Massapequa, New York - Sears Stratford
Image courtesy of Google Maps
From this angle, we can see a couple of distinctive spotting features of the Sears Stratford - the short roof extension in front of the bump out for the dining room and the windows aligned with the back of the dining room bump out. These features are also shared by the non-brick version of the house, the Sears Mitchell.

Next door to the Sears Stratford on Glengariff is a Sears Strathmore. The Strathmore, as presented in the Sears catalog, was intended to be finished with stucco, stone and shingle siding.

Catalog image of Sears Strathmore (1935)
Image courtesy of Antique Home 
But the Strathmore on Glengariff appears to have brick and stucco in place of the shingle siding.

120 Glengariff - Massapequa, New York - Sears Strathmore
Image courtesy of Nassau County
The Strathmore had an unusual interior design element with a half bath and a bedroom off the front vestibule entrance. One has to imagine that in many homes the front bedroom was converted into a home office or library. In this view of the house from 2001, it appears to still have its original shutters. More recent images of the house don't show the shutters.

Catalog Floorplan image of Sears Strathmore (1935)
Image courtesy of Antique Home 
Are there more Sears houses in Massapequa Park or surrounding areas? Let us know in the comments!

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