Monday, August 5, 2019

Sears Homes for Sale

Sears Dover - Anderson, Indiana
Photo Courtesy of Zillow
Searching real estate listing is one of my primary ways of finding new examples of homes from Sears Roebuck. Too often, I find houses listed as being from "Sears" when they are either homes from another kit house company or more often simply not a kit house at all. To make things worse, these same houses often appear in real estate and newspaper "features" as examples of Sears houses. On the flip side, I often see actual houses from Sears Roebuck listed for sale with nary a mention of their heritage. In my effort to help educate people about Sears houses, I've created a new Facebook page called "Sears Homes for Sale" where I'm posting real estate listings of Sears houses for sale (and houses from other catalog and kit house companies as I come across them). If you're interested in following along, hop on over to Facebook and give the page a like!

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