Monday, September 12, 2022

Sears Ardara in Scotia, New York

One of the more unique designs from Sears Roebuck was the Sears "Ardara". First introduced in the 1919 "Modern Homes" catalog, the "Aradara" is easily recognizable with its prominent curved porch roof. This model is best known for being the first Sears model to be offered with an attached garage, over a decade before that became common on some Sears models. A nice example of the "Ardara" is currently for sale in Scotia, New York, giving us a chance to see this model up close. 

Sears Ardara - 1921 "Modern Homes" catalog
Let's take a look! 

Although not many examples of this house have been identified, it must have been a fairly popular model as it continued to be sold through the 1931 "Modern Homes" catalog. This particular example of the "Ardara" in Scotia, New York does not include the garage, likely due to the size of the lot (it appears to have a shared driveway with the house next door). 
Sears Ardara - Scotia. New York

Even back then, the Sears architects recognized the potential danger from car fumes and for houses that had an attached garage, designed the garage to be well separated from interior living spaces as shown in the floor plan below.

Despite the lack of the garage, the has a lot of original details including that prominent front porch, front door with sidelights and inside the house, original wood floors and millwork.

On the doors, you can see original Sears hardware including "Stratford" hardware and those distinctive Sears door hinges.

Although not shown as a 2 story design, it appears that the attic space of this house has been turned into living space with a bedroom. Just watch your head if you're particularly tall! 

Hopefully, this house will sell to someone who will appreciate the history of this unique house! 

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