Berkley, Michigan

This is the current list of kit houses that have been identified in Berkley, Michigan. Where we have been able to authenticate a house, we have noted that. If you have information about any of these houses or any other possible kit houses in Berkley, please let us know!

AladdinPomonaRoseland Park CemeteryYes
SearsWinthrop948 Columbia RdYes
SearsCustom959 Cambridge RdYes
SearsPuritan959 Larkmoor BlvdYes
WardwayCustom1198 West BlvdYes
SearsHampton1259 Princeton RdYes
WardwayCranford1405 Catalpa DrNo
SearsManchester1509 West BoulevardYes
SearsVerona1691 Earlmont RdYes
SearsHonor1692 Edgewood BlvdYes
SearsAttleboro1717 Earlmont RdNo
WardwayParkside1722 Harvard RdYes
SearsLexington1723 Edgewood BlvdYes
SearsPreston1755 Beverly BlvdYes
SearsMartha Washington1755 Edgewood BlvdYes
SearsConcord1815 Edgewood BlvdYes
SearsSolace1890 West BlvdYes
SearsPrescott1923 Sunnyknoll AveYes
Wardway"Regional" model2012 Gardner AveYes
SearsWindsor2025 Robina AveYes
WardwayFerndale2051 Mortenson BlvdYes
LewisSan Fernando2134 Beverly BlvdNo
SearsSherburne2273 Beverly BlvdNo
SearsCustom2312 Phillips AveYes
SearsHampton2445 Royal AveYes
SearsCrescent2596 Sunnyknoll AveYes
SearsSolace2637 Gardner AveYes
WardwayUtica2695 Cumberland RdYes
SearsVallonia2723 Gardner AveYes
SearsOlivia2765 Central StYes
SearsBarrington2790 Central StYes
SearsMaplewood2812 Griffith AveYes
SearsDundee2827 Griffith AveYes
SearsOakdale2845 Griffith AveYes
SearsHamilton2879 Griffith AveYes
WardwayMaywood2880 Griffith AveYes
SearsBarrington3038 Griffith AveYes
SearsConway3047 Griffith AveYes
SearsWellington3060 Tyler AveYes
SearsCrestwood3159 Kenmore RdYes
SearsBarrington3248 Cumberland RdYes
SearsMaplewood3252 Catalpa DrYes
SearsBellewood3268 Catalpa DrYes
WardwayFerndale3294 Phillips AveYes
SearsGarfield3467 Oakshire AveYes
SearsMaplewood3607 Tyler AveYes
SearsClaremont3621 Buckingham Ave
SearsVan Page3622 Buckingham Ave
WardwaySalem3638 Buckingham AveYes
SearsMaplewood3658 Buckingham AveNo
SearsVan Dorn3764 Buckingham AveYes
SearsSolace3781 Buckingham AveYes
SearsSunlight3952 Greenfield RdYes
WardwayCranford4047 Buckingham Ave


  1. Hi! I am pretty sure I have a kit home in Berkley, MI that has been altered a few times throughout the years. It appears to be a Winona but the upper front windows were covered when they enclosed the front porch. They are still present and visible in the attic. Very cool!

    1. Jen - Can you drop me an e-mail to let me know where you are in Berkley so I can take a look? Thanks!