Sunday, April 29, 2018

Hampton Manor, New York - An Introduction

Sears Priscilla
Image courtesy of Google Maps
I recently saw a Facebook post showing the blueprints for the Sears Stuyvesant that was built in Hampton Manor, New York. From the comments, I realized that outside of our kit house research group, most folks in the Sears house research community apparently are not familiar with Hampton Manor or the large number of kit houses, mostly from Sears, that were built there over a 15 year period. The models range from the modest, like the Sears Kismet, to large Dutch Colonial models like the Priscilla and Rembrandt. You'll also find numerous examples of some of the most popular models from Sears including the Crafton, the Hampton, the Vallonia and the Winona. You also see several examples of one-of-a-kind designs like the Stuyvesant and the Sears "Apartment Bungalow". To keep things interesting, you can also find a couple of houses from Wardway! To assist those doing research on the houses in Hampton Manor, I've put together a list of homes that have been identified to date.

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The Veeder Realty company that developed Hampton Manor in several phases and built Sears houses in each phase was also responsible for several other developments around Albany and Schenectady, New York where you can find more examples of Sears houses. I'll share some of those finds in future posts!

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